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Looking for funny titles? We’ve got you covered (hoho!).  Because the biggest selection of odd books is right at your finger tip! From lifestyle to cooking, you can find books with astonishing titles in every niche!And you can be sure that we have them listed here (or will in future if you let us know!).

So far we collected over 200 of the oddest books for your amusement. More books are getting added daily to the sections “Book List“.

Some of the book titles are followed by a (mostly) satirical review from our side. These posts can be found under the section “Book Posts“.

Sometimes we don’t feel like reviewing books and instead want to write about something completely different. These posts can be found under the section “Random Posts“.

You can vote up (or down) every title to make sure that your favorite and weirdest book titles make their way to the top!This will also help the weirdos who wrote the weird books to gain a larger audience.

Are you looking for gift ideas?Our selection of crazy books may inspire you to buy one, either for yourself or as a present for somebody else. For your convenience we linked every book to our affiliate parner so that you can order  it with ease. You will encounter no additional costs by buying through our affiliate partner but we may get a commission for refering you to him.


The following posts are taken from the section “Book Posts”