The Zen of Farting

Cover of the book “Zen of Farting” by Reepah Gud Wan

The Plot

In 1993, an asian fisherman opened a very ancient chest.Inside, he found a manuscript which may be as significant as the Dead Sea scrolls—a manuscript which will revolutionize our thinking about the origins of Zen.

Written on a rice paper scroll, the manuscript records the teachings of the founder of Zen, the Master Reepah Gud Wan. It makes it quite clear that Reepah, a legitimate teacher of Buddhism, was frustrated by the inability of his students to grasp the abstract concepts of the Buddha. In desperation, he decided to play a joke on them. He invented the Zen of Farting, confident that even the densest pupil would realize that he was making a joke and laugh at his excessive seriousness—not to mention his farts.

The joke went over like a stale air biscuit. Soon, the Master had thousands of students eager to learn this brave new spiritual teaching, the Zen of Farting. Thus was Zen born, not of heaven, but of the ‘ethereal child of earth.

Our Conclusion

What sounds like a hilariously funny plot which could only have been invented by a remarkable comedy author is nothing else but the truth. Master Reepah Gud Wan was a legitimate Monk who lived before the 10th century and who initially created the Zen of Farting as a joke. Do you believe that?Well unfortunately we are kidding!

While we don’t know if farting can bring you any closer to spiritual enlightment, we do know that it makes us feel pure joy  the moment it happens, especially if we ve been waiting to release that increasing pressure for a longer period of time!




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