What is WeirdTitles.com?

As the name suggests, WeirdTitles.com is about setting up the biggest collection of  the weirdest, funniest and most insane titles: book titles, film titles, song titles,…you get the idea!It’s a humorous website which intends to be funny,and sometimes satirical, period.

Our priorities are as follows:

  1. create the biggest collection
  2. comment on our favorite titles.

By doing so we also provide shopping ideas to potential buyers who are looking for cheap, unusual, creative and crazy gifts. The producs presented on this website make good presents for any occasion.

Why the name “WeirdTitles”?

Our dedicated team of creative and highly skilled and respected professionals believes in the importance of picking a name which reflexs the essence of the website in the most accurate way.  In that context we are proud to announce that no drugs were involved during the long marathon of brainstorming having finally lead to that amazingly boring name.

But why?

We believe that in a world, where someone like Donald Trump can become president of the United States, ANYTHING is possible. Even creating a successful website about weird titles!

Among all the websites in the world, there is NOT A SINGLE one like this. So we believe that there must be other people out there who are as passionate about wasting their time on the internet by watching cute cat videos and having quick laughs at human nonsense as we do. We see it as our purpose of life to make people read stuff, no matter how dumb it is, because studies suggest that reading is healthy and necessary for a positive mental development!It is also needed to calm down our broken soul by distracting it from all the real stupid things happening n in the world.

Earning some pocket money through ads would be nice too though.


Meet our fabulous imaginary Team


Regan McCook

Founder & CEO

WeirdTitles is very proud to present to you our Chief Cheerleader Regan McCook. Misses (yes guys she’s single and on the market!) Cook is the driving force behind WeirdTitles.com and a very very hardworking dedicated leader.

She works 24/7 non stop to make this website to one of the BESTEST in the world. She is always busy improving YOUR visitorexperience by posing in front of the camera in the company’s “About” section. And as you can see on the Photo, she’s got a great Smile, so great in fact that she is  also a part time model who is posing for WordPress templates. In her rare moments of free time, one of her favorite activities is to eat freshly ordered seafood.

How could you possibly say no to a smile like that?And you don’t want to make Regan upset right?So come visit us as many times as you can!


Eric Teagan

Vice President

What would a President do without his Vice President?Probably the same. But what would the company do without the Vicepresident?Blame the President, for everything, and thats not good…because  we don’t want our Misses McCook to stop smiling, never!So thanks Goodness that we can count on our Crayon Evangelist Dr. Eric “The Tank” Teagan among our Boardmembers. Making hearts melt with his kindness and charm,this handsome man is the perfect person to blame and shout at …because nobody can be mad at him for a long time, it’s just not possible!The fact that Eric Teagan is also tremendously skilled and a doctor in Gynecology makes of him not only a great asset for the company but also for Regan McCook.


Timothy Barrett


Dr. Pr. Timothy Barret adds some dark contrast to our cheerful board, not because of his sweet milk chocolate skin but because of his dark sense of humour. He IS the star of every board party! Aside of his funny personality, Timothy Barret is also super educated and smart. He is not only the CAO (Chief Amazement Officer) of the company but also the AOBAB (Ambassador of Buzz and Booze). In his free time he likes to create fake accounts on Tinder.


The Team, including the names and photos presented in this section, is completely staged for your entertainment. The Details were taken from a wordpress template. No person named “Eric Teagan” got verbally abused at any moment.

The Truth is that this website is run by one person who hates the spotlight ;-).



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