How to avoid huge Ships

Collisions with huge ships have been a long neglected issue in our lives. Governments all over the word  turned a blind eye on it, hoping the huge ships would just magically disappear. Some parents were so scared that they started escorting their children to school or even homescholing them.

Author and Captain John W. Trimmer adressed this issue in his literary masterpiece “how to avoid huge ships” by providing reliable guidelines in, you may have guessed it, how to avoid huge ships.

In case the inavoidable huge ship comes for you, don’t you worry. Because the author also gives tips on how to deal with post traumatic huge collision disorder.

Ever since the book went public the number of ship collisions has declined dramatically but yet not enough for the author. That’s why he published a second edition with even better guidelines!

His work lead the US Government to discuss appropriate counter mesures. Building a wall to keep out the huge ships from american territory is on the table of discussion. As you can see M. Trimmer’s book considerably raised awareness and makes the world a safer place where our generation and future generations can play outside without having to avoid huge ships.

The reviews of the book on Amazon are breathtaking and defintively worth reading!The book was so succesful that a reader (at least we hope he did read it) created a comic book parody. The book title is also source of inspiration to writer Julie Bruck who wrote a compendium of poems entitled, you may have guessed it, “how to avoid huge ships”. So lets just hope that the poems are more creative than the booktitle which she obviously copied.

Parody of the original book
A collection of poems which doesn’t share anything else with the original but it’s title


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