Learning to Play With a Lion’s Testicles

Cover of the book “How to play with a lion’s testicles” by Melissa Haynes

If you ever hear a passionate and relaxed RRAAAAWWWRRR in the distance while you a travelling through Africa the reason may be Melissa Haynes. This noises of pure joy most likely come from a lucky lion whos even luckier balls are getting pampered by the world’s first professional tescticle scratcher and tickler, Melissa Haynes.

“Have you ever really wanted to do something but every time you even thought about doing it you just got stuck? Most people will give up on their dreams before they even try”- did the author say during one of her TED talks.

We could probably all agree and relate to these words until we find out that some people just have gross dreams which will hopefully never become reality!Having a dream like becoming a billionaire and donating all your fortune to the Bill & Melinda Gates foundation is all good but playing with a Lion’s testicles?Come one!Leave that to the Lion Ladies…

Fortunately this book is not really about playing with a lion’s testicles. It’s a motivational book about finding the courage to make your dreams come true. Playing with the lion’s testicles is just an african expression which basically means that you should face your fears.  This discovery made us realise that we don’t have to be afraid of reading a book called “learning to play with a lion’s testicles’, good job Melissa Haynes!



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